Governmental Consulting

Penman & Winton offers clients an array of government consulting services focused on monitoring and tracking legislation and the budget process in the Missouri General Assembly.


Monitoring & Tracking

An essential component of information gathering is monitoring. This includes attending hearings and maintaining personal contacts with sponsors and organizations closely associated with proposed legislation. This service is intended to identify and solve potential problems prior to their emergence by working with the client to:

  • Identify the goals of the initiative, along with its proponents and opponents; and

  • Establish a productive relationship with interested parties to facilitate good outcomes.



Direct lobbying is focused on maximizing a client's potential for influencing issues of concern through frequent contact with state legislators and their staff to explain positions on various proposals. Penman & Winton has cultivated a bipartisan reputation that allows us to serve clients comprehensively in all political environments.

Since 1994, members of Penman & Winton have been fortunate to actively participate in a number of important and complex policy debates. The partners of the firm have lobbied across a broad range of issues such as:

  • Appropriations for social services, corrections, education and mental health

  • Environmental legislation

  • Local government related initiatives

  • Managed care reform

  • Tax credit legislation

  • Telecommunications deregulation

  • Transportation funding

  • Welfare reform

  • Workers compensation reform

  • Various aspects of health care

grassroots .png

Grassroots Development

Penman & Winton has extensive experience in helping organizations develop active and effective grassroots networks. Over the years, the firm has developed a variety of techniques for generating large numbers of constituent contacts to legislators and key decision makers. In the past, strategies have included: publication and distribution of action alerts, development of phone trees, organizing regional meetings, and the development of briefing materials. We've worked with groups ranging from professional associations to social activists in order to accomplish this. Specific benefits of our program include:

  • Increased involvement in priority legislation;

  • Tracking of contacts with legislators and key decision makers;

  • Control of messages being delivered to legislators and key decision makers;

  • Immediate response from members to legislators and key decision makers; and

  • Personalized communications with members regarding priority legislative efforts.