Association Management

Penman & Winton provides association management services that are specifically designed to accommodate organizations that may not need a physical office or full-time staff.

As a liaison between the board of directors and association members, Penman & Winton tailors its services to meet each association's unique needs, whether financial management, long-range and strategic planning, or office space and support staff for the association members. 

In addition to providing management services to existing associations, Penman & Winton has the capability and experience to aid in the formation of new associations. Our experience in membership recruitment and retention, financial management and overall association development provides the foundation and support for the future growth of an association.

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Office Management

Penman & Winton often provides association management to organizations that do not have a physical office or full-time staff.  Through this model, Penman & Winton acts as professional and clerical staff to ensure the day-to-day tasks are taken care of.  With a fully-staffed office and state of the art equipment, Penman & Winton is able to provide a professional office for organizations.  This capacity enables Penman & Winton to implement basic administrative functions as well as more advanced projects on an organization’s behalf. 

Penman & Winton offers organizations access to a remodeled office in close proximity to the State Capitol. Organizations have access to a conference room (accommodates 30-35) and client office equipped with phone and computer. 

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Board & Committee Development

Penman & Winton recognizes the need to support the goals of the governing council of organizations. Virtually all groups rely on volunteers and members for direction and governance. Association management provides ongoing support to implement the direction of the board. This frees the governing board to spend their time on  priorities and policies without additional duties. Penman & Winton staff work with the governance structure to meet objectives set by the board and committees. Activities may include:

  • Board development direction

  • Goal setting

  • Project planning implementation

  • Board and committee member recruitment

  • Project and committee performance evaluation

  • Facilitate, organize, and implement board meetings

  • Organize and facilitate annual strategic retreats and planning sessions


Membership Services

Member involvement is vital to the success of any organization.  Each factor of membership, including recruitment, retention, communication, and database management, are equally important and must be constantly maintained. Combined, the members of Penman & Winton have more than thirty years of experience working with membership organizations. 

Recruitment: Penman & Winton will work with organizations to develop a recruitment plan to attract potential members.  

Retention: The retention of members is vital to expanding the reach of an organization.  Penman & Winton will work to create a custom retention plan for organizations.

Communication: Penman & Winton will maintain mailing lists to keep in constant contact with members. Penman & Winton can help achieve increased membership communication through social media or whatever is useful to the association.  

Database Management: With Penman & Winton, organizations can feel confident that every time a member renews, registers for an event or conference, or makes contact with the association, organizational records are updated.  


Event Planning

Since 2002, the members of Penman & Winton have been instrumental in implementing and executing conferences for numerous state-wide organizations.

Conference services include:

  • Contract and location negotiations

  • Development of educational tracks and speakers

  • Participant recruitment

  • Exhibitor and sponsorship solicitation

  • Continuing education approval

  • Budget creation and implementation

  • Other planning logistics prior to event and on-site

In addition to conferences, Penman & Winton has extensive experience in planning member education activities. Organizations may choose to provide continuing education on emerging industry issues, new member trainings, or professional continuing education opportunities.  


Financial Management

Maintaining confidence in association finances is imperative. While working closely with an organization’s treasurer and others on the board, Penman & Winton can help:

  • Develop and achieve both short and long-term financial goals

  • Track revenue and expenses

  • Prepare monthly financial statements and tracking reports

  • Comply with IRS reporting standards

  • Maintain historical financial records

  • Provide oversight and administration of board approved annual budget


Image Development

Professional newsletters and brochures are crucial to a successful public image for any organization. The members of Penman & Winton have the creativity and software know-how to create custom publications for organizations.  With assistance, Penman & Winton can create and design material to include in publications. 

Penman & Winton can design and update websites to meet the needs of each organization, which may include an on-site referral source. 

Social media is one of the most popular ways for current and potential members to connect with an organization. Penman & Winton has experience launching several successful social media campaigns.